English Language Course - Bristol


ELC Bristol

Deposit: £400.00 
This is not an extra charge.  It is deducted from the total fees.

Registration Fee: £50.00
Materials fee:
The materials fee includes ELC Bristol e-learning and a course book every 12 weeks.

2-3 weeks  

£285.00 per week

4-10 weeks

£280.00 per week

11-19 weeks 

£270.00 per week

20-29 weeks

£260.00 per week

30+ weeks

£250.00 per week

+ £15.00 per week high season supplement 1 July - 16 August (not payable on courses of 10+ weeks)
Optional Student Travel Insurance: £5.90 per week 
Private Lessons: Can be arranged in advance (£65.00 per hour) or on arrival at the school.
Homestay (Half-board): 
£175.00 per week 18+
£185.00 per week under 18
Includes bed (single room), breakfast and evening meal.

Student Houses & Flats (Self-Catering - For students 18+)
£175.00 per week 
£185.00 per week (Ensuite rooms and St. John's House)
£150.00 refundable deposit required - payable on arrival. 
Goldney Hall University Residence (For students 18+)
£175.00 per week (Self-Catering)
Available 14 July - 25 August
Late Arrival: Please try to arrive in your accommodation by 22.30. Arrivals after this time will incur a late arrival fee of £20.00.
Extra nights' accommodation: £35.00 per night (on request).

For arrivals from the following airports:

Bristol Airport 






Examination Preparation
Minimum period of enrolment: 4 weeks.
Examination courses include electives on 2 afternoons a week.
Cambridge English

First (FCE)

7 January – 15 March (10 weeks)

18 March – 7 June (12 weeks) *

10 June – 23 August (11 weeks)

16 September – 6 December (12 weeks)

Advanced (CAE)

7 January – 15 March (10 weeks)

18 March – 7 June (12 weeks) *

10 June – 23 August (11 weeks) **

16 September – 6 December (12 weeks)

Proficiency (CPE)

7 January – 8 March (9 weeks)

18 March – 7 June (12 weeks) *

16 September – 6 December (12 weeks)

 * If you are taking the exam in Bristol, you will need to book one additional week of accommodation.
** As the exam takes place on a Saturday, you may need to reserve your accommodation until Sunday.
Cambridge English exam preparation courses are not 'closed', which means that students can join the course at a later date if they are not able to attend for the full period (minimum period of enrolment: 4 weeks). 
For more information about the Cambridge English Language exam courses, please click here. 



Dates 2019

 Exam Fees


Every month
(in Bristol or Bath)


Cambridge English:
First (FCE)

15 March, 11 June,
22 August, 3 December


Cambridge English:
Advanced (CAE)

16 March, 12 June,
23 August, 7 December


Cambridge English:
Proficiency (CPE)

9 March, 13 June,
5 December


Cambridge English: BULATS

Flexible - by arrangement
with the school


Cambridge exam fees are payable direct to the exam centre. The fees quoted above are approximate and subject to change.
*IELTS for UKVI - monthly in Cardiff £200.00.








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